We Spring Optic Can Help Customers Build Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production Line

Nowadays more and more customers want to build their own production line for fiber optic patch cords,because there are many urgent orders in customer local market, so many customer want to occupy more fiber optic market share in their local market, should build one production line to show customers and support very fast delivery time to their end customer. We Spring Optic here is the factory can help customer solve these issues. Because Spring Optic equipment for product fiber patch cords has competitive price and 9 years experience for manufacture fiber optic patch cords, so we also can supply customers technical support.We Spring Optic has our own fiber optic patch cords production line, if customer want to learn each process, it is avilable. We can supply customers these equipment: fiber optic cutting machine, fiber optic air-operated press bonding machine,gule machine fiber optic curing oven machine, fiber optic polishing machine, fiber polishing jig, fiber polishing film, fiber surface check machine, Insert loss & return loss machine.If you are interested in our fiber optic patch cords production line equipment please feel free to contact with us. Email: sales@springoptic.com.

Below is our own production line for fiber optic patch cables and PLC Splitters.

Fiber Array Alignment

Curing use curing oven machine

Polishing Connectors use four corner pressure polishing machine

Test Insert Loss and Return Loss use IL&RL Test Machine

Check the ferrule surface use surface check machine

Final Packing