The Fibre Switch Features

It is characterized with high transfer rate of fibre channel with the server network

Or SAN components within the network connection, so that the entire storage network has a very wide bandwidth, provide protection for high performance data storage. In this SAN storage network, plays a key role is what we often hear, fibre switches (FC Switch, also called "fibre channel switch" and "SAN switches"). Because this is a new type of device, and we can see the Ethernet switches, used to have a lot of differences (mainly reflected on protocol support), so many readers, even business users will use SAN storage networks had full knowledge of the SAN switch. This paper is dedicated to SAN switches to consider when purchasing for an introduction to you, in fact, is to introduce the main features of SAN switches. Simple to understand origins of SAN switches, which allows us to get to know SAN switches, are no longer filled with "mysterious" color.