The Fibre Switch Background

We have seen in previous data storage is basically on the server directly attached SCSI, IDE-like disks, which is why we often hear about the DAS (direct attached storage). This point-to-point disk systems, it is clear there is difficult to extend and insufficient storage performance is difficult to improve. Not only that, the IDE and SCSI interface properties limit, and it is usually connected to the maximum connection distance up to 20 metres, greatly limiting the expansion of disk storage systems.

In order to solve the DAS storage of these shortcomings, network equipment manufacturers and standards experts are beginning to consider the development of a new type of storage technology, fundamentally solve the DAS storage transfer rate and connection distance issues. Most people think of is a storage system independent, as one of the network devices in the network node, so that both can significantly reduce data storage load on your server, and can greatly expand disk storage systems, and it came to NAS (network attached storage).