Optical Distribution Network (ODN)

Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is an indispensable path for transmitting Passive Optical Network (PON) data and directly affects the performance, reliability, and scalability of a PON system. The ODN, an integral part of the PON system, resides as the physical path for optical transmission between the OLT and the ONT. Its reach is 20 km or farther. Within the ODN, optical fibers, fiber optic connectors, passive optical splitters, and auxiliary components collaborate with each other.
The ODN specifically has five segments which are feeder fiber, optical distribution point, distribution fiber, optical access point, and drop fiber. The feeder fiber starts from the optical distribution frame (ODF) in the central office (CO) telecommunications room and ends at the optical distribution point for long-distance coverage. The distribution fiber from the optical distribution point to the optical access point distributes optical fibers for areas alongside it. The drop fiber connects the optical access point to terminals (ONTs), achieving optical fiber drop into user homes. In addition, the ODN is the very path essential to PON data transmission and its quality directly affects the performance, reliability, and scalability of the PON system.
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