Number Of Ports

SAN switches and usually the Ethernet switch has an obvious difference is the number of ports is very large, very high intensity. SAN switch ports in general are more than 48 members, currently has up to 256 ports, of course, low-end entry-level SAN switch has 16. SAN switches need to multi-port, that is because of its connection with Ethernet switches is, of course, reflected in the SAN switch network. SAN network, each SAN switch must be connected to the other SAN switches (as shown in the following figure), a one-way connection, it is obvious that can greatly improvedata exchange rate. Because some of a switch port is used for the connection between SAN switches, so the actual SAN switch ports available for less, for a small number of port SAN switch clearly unsuitable for them, so SAN switch ports are usually much, at least 24 or more. If there are multiple SAN in the SAN network switches, you had better not choose 24-port.