Interface Type

SAN switch can support interfaces of different types are not exactly the same, andthe various interfaces are not the same type of performance, need to watch carefully when you purchase. As SCSI interface we know latest of Ultra 320 can reached 320MB/s, transmission distance most long only 20 meters, usually is disk equipment connection of dedicated interface; fiber channel (FC) currently can provides 1~4GB/s of transmission rate (highest can up 10GB/s), at least than SCSI fast 3 times times, usually for server host and SAN switch of connection, also some disk support FC interface; by IBM design of Escon interface, In full-duplex mode on the fiber it can support 200 MB/s of data rate, which is generally the server host or SAN switchconnections between interfaces. Depending on the configuration, Escon interface supports transmission distances up to 3~10 km, depending on the fiber quality andproduct features. Same FICON interface developed by IBM is the latest type of an interface and connection between the server or SAN switch interface. Transmissionspeed is 6 times times the ESCON. Transmission distance is 19 km. But many SANswitches also provide support to the interface above.