Innovation Of MTP/MPO Cable Solutions

Large capacity, high data transmission rate, energy saving and so on are the challenges facing today's data centers. At the same time, the use of smartphones, tablets, electronic services and other applications of data traffic is also expanding, demanding the provision of higher network capacity. The network system unceasing upgrade, the connector also along with the development, the data center construction cost also increases, faces various kinds of connectors, the enterprise should choose?MTP/MPO Cable Solutions

In recent years, the data throughput of network system is increasing, the s system is already commonplace, the use of 40gb/s system is more and more extensive, the data center has more and more high request to data transmission rate, which involves the choice of wiring technology, the most available platforms are based on copper cable and multimode optical cable, But it is clear that fiber-optic systems are superior to copper systems both in terms of data transfer rates and overall energy consumption. Therefore, with the development of high-speed LAN and optical access network, fiber optic connectors will be more widely used in optical fiber systems.MTP/MPO Cable Solutions

Fiber optic connector, as a connecting device between fiber and fiber, affects the reliability and performance of optical fiber system to some extent. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good fiber optic connector. As the wiring fiber products provider, Sheng Branch Communications in the field of continuous innovation and development, the introduction of data center high-density mtp/mpo wiring solution, Mtp/mpo connection Standard is the miniaturization of high-density optical fiber connector standards, a single connector equipped with multi-core ribbon fiber, large density, stable and reliable connection.MTP/MPO Cable Solutions

The Mtp/mpo high-density wiring system completes the end of the plant with the high-density fiber connector and the Ribbon optical cable. Testing, on-site with device Plug and Play, support user Data Center rapid deployment, is the growing data center high capacity wiring requirements in the background of the ideal solution, with simple installation, fast construction, compact design, High precision, Plug and play characteristics.MTP/MPO Cable Solutions