Fused Biconical Taper Optical Fiber


Technology of fused biconical taper is two or more optical fibers together, then melting stretch in a taper machine, and monitor ratio change-request melted the end stretch ratio, at one end, retain one fiber (rest cut off) as the input, the multi-channel output on the other end. Currently mature tapering process at a time can be1x4 the following. 1x4 the above devices are connected together with multiple 1x2.Whole package in a splitter box again.

Main advantages of this device are (1) pull the coupler has more than 20 years ofhistory and experience, many devices and process only, development funding only the PLC few one-tenth even a few 1% (2) raw materials only easy to get quartz substrate, fiber optic, heat shrink tube, stainless steel pipe and less glue, a total of nomore than one dollar. Investment in plant and equipment depreciation costs less,1x2, 1x4 and other low-channel taps and low cost. (3) optical divide ratio can be monitored in real time, you can make equal parts tap.