Fiber Optic Splice Clsoure Closed Communication Mode

Because the power supply is placed in high voltage and strong electromagnetic interference environment, the status of each power module must be monitored in real time to ensure the safety and stability of the power supply system. Through the comparison of various programs, the use of computer RS232 port and DSP (Digital Signal Processor, digital signal processor) RS232 port through the fiber optic converter to form fiber optic network. The whole system has the advantages of simple structure, high cost performance, easy expansion and strong anti-interference.Fiber Optic Splice Clsoure

The optical fiber data acquisition network uses the RS232 bus single master multi-slave structure, the main station uses the PC, the slave station DSP, uses the multimode optical fiber connection, forms the bus type optical fiber net. Fiber converter is produced by their own 1 minute converter, the computer's RS232 port data into optical signals. DSP uses TI's LF2407A. DSP hardware system structure includes: A / D conversion part, SCI interface, I / O port as shown in Figure 3. DSP need to achieve the function of the power module 8 to monitor the state of the switch; the power supply module input voltage monitoring to determine whether the IGBT can be closed; control IGBT, CKJ division; and the host computer to communicate.Fiber Optic Splice Clsoure

DSP multiprocessor communication has two methods: idle line mode and address bit mode. Since the address bit pattern is at a high transmission speed, the program speed is not sufficient to avoid a 10bit idle in the transport stream, and the idle line mode is compatible with RS232 communication, so the fiber network uses idle line communication mode.Fiber Optic Splice Clsoure 

When a station receives a frame of data, it generates an interrupt and determines whether it is consistent with its own virtual address. The master station and the slave station are set as follows: Slave virtual address from 01 to 80, when the data received from the station coincides with its own address, send the message to the master station, otherwise it is waiting to receive the state, between the stations No communication, at the same time only one slave to send information to the master station.Fiber Optic Splice Clsoure