Fiber Pigtail Detail Know How Much

   Fiber Pigtail Only one is the movable joint, jumper both ends are active joints, there are many kinds of interfaces, different interfaces need different couplers. The jumper can also be used as a pigtail.Fiber Optic Pigtails

   A fiber-optic tail line is a connector that is similar to half a jumper for connecting fiber and fiber couplers, which includes a jumper connector and a piece of fiber. or connect the transmission equipment and the ODF rack, etc.

   The pigtail is also called the tail line, only one end is connected with the head, and the other end is a fiber core of the fiber optic cable end, through the fusion and other optical fiber core connection, often appear in the fiber terminal box, used to connect the optical cable and fiber transceiver (also used in the coupler, jumper, etc.).

   Tail fiber is divided into multimode tail fiber and single mode pigtail. The multimode tail fiber is orange, the wavelength is 850nm, the transmission distance is 5Km, for the short distance interconnection. The single-mode tail fiber is yellow, the wavelength has two kinds, 1310nm and 1550nm, transmission distance is 10km and 40km respectively.

   ITU-T International Telecommunication Union Telecommunications Standardization Organization, standardized three kinds of commonly used optical fiber: Meet the G. 652 specifications of the fiber, in line with the G. 653 specification of fiber, in line with the G. 655 specification of optical fibers.Fiber Optic Pigtails

   Fiber-optic fusion technology is mainly used in the fiber-optic fibers and fiber or fiber and tail fiber connection, the fiber optic cable in the bare fiber and fiber pigtail fused together into a whole, and the tail fiber has a separate fiber head. Connect the fiber and twisted pair to an information outlet by connecting to the fiber transceiver. The main tools used in the optical fiber fusion process are: optical end box, fiber transceiver, pigtail, coupler, special stripping pliers, fiber cutting knives and so on.Fiber Optic Pigtails