Introduction to fiber optic splice boxes

Fiber optic splice boxes is a popular name called cable connection box, also known as cable splicing, fiber optic splice kits and barrels. Belonging to mechanical pressure seal joint system is provided between adjacent cable optical, sealing and mechanical strength of continuity continuity of protection devices. Mainly applicable to all kinds of structure cable overhead, ducts and in ground, laying of straight and branch connections.

Box body adopts imported reinforced plastic, high strength, corrosion resistance, the terminal box is suited for structured cable terminals inside the place, structure mature, reliable, convenient. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable, fiber optic cable network system, and so on. For two input and two output connector box on the right side;

For protected connection between two or more fiber-optic cable, fibre distribution, is one of the users access point devices, mainly distribution cable line and cable connections in the outdoor, and according to FTTX access need to install cartridge or simple optical splitters;