FDB-0216A Fiber Splitter Splice Box waterproof outdoor used

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FDB0216A 16 Port wall or poll Mountable fiber termination box

Our 16 port wall or pole Mountable fiber termination box is perfect for external walls,corridors,basements,and other places needing FTTH or Network Connections.It is made with a high-quality plastic and fitted with a rubber gasket,it is also UV-resistant and rainfall resistant.This termination box is highly customizable; it can be outfitted with almost any connector and can be used in wide range of applications,including FTTH projects,telecommunication networks,CATV networks,data and Local Area Networks(LAN).

Product Features
A.Wall mounted for indoor or out door, white color, graceful style and good adaptability to environment.
B. Made of high quality ABS+PC, anti-collision, flame retardant, resistance to impact.
C. Anti-UV, wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging.
D. Fit for 1x4 , 1x8 and 1x16 PLC splitter assembly.
E. It has 2 input ports and 16 output ports on the bottom and it is easy to install on the wall or pole.
F.The rear tray is for splicing a fiber of feeder cable with PLC splitter and the front tray is for connecting subscriber's drop cable through adaptor plate on the tray.
G. Cable, pigtails, patch cords are running through own path without disturbing each other, easy maintenance.
H.Distribution panel can be flipped up, feeder cable can be placed in a cup-joint way, easy for maintenance and installation.

Specification of Fiber Termination Box
Made of high-impact plastic:ABS+PC (ROHS standard)
Color: White
Cable Diameter: 11~13.5mm
Can hold up to 16 drop cables
Can hold up to 16 SC Adapters
2 inlet ports,16 outlet ports
Great for wall mounting or pole mounting
Pretection class-IP67
RoHS compliance

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FDB0216A Fiber Terminal Box



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