FDB-008 Fiber Termination Box

Product Details

8 Port terminal box FDB008 

It is applicable for wall-mounted indoor or outdoor
It is suitable for Max capacity of 8 pieces SC adapters installation and usage;
The Max capacity is 12 fibers for fusion of direct fusion;
It is allowed to preinstall PLC Optical splitter with the Max optical distribution ratios 1:8 ,It apply to various cables and fast connector ;
The protection grade is IP65;
Function: Cable terminal,passive splitter
Splitter type: micro splitter
Splitter installation position: splitter fixing bracket
Max ratio:1:8;
Cable:8figure soft cable,general outdoor cable,indoor cable;
Optical Accessory: PLC Splitter, SC adapter, fast connector

Model Number



Wall-Mounting type or desktop type

With Adapter

Suitable for SC adapters

Max. Capacity

8fibers (SC)



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