2 Core FTTH Wall Mount Socket Panles Face Plate With SC/APC Pigtails And Adapters

Product Details

2port Fiber Optical Wall Mounted Outlet Sockets MINI FTTH boxes can be loaded with SC/LC Pigtails and Apdaters.

Indoor FTTH Fiber Optical Face plate wall mount socket panel with 2pcs SC adapters.


SP-1602-2E wall mount socket panel is used in the end termination of residential buildings and villas, to fix and splice with pigtails.

It can be installed on wall, may adapt variety of optical connection styles, optical fiber can be managed effectively.


Please help check for below different view of 2Port SP-1602-2E Fiber Termination box, socket panel and face place with SC/APC Pigtails and adapters.

2port socket panels.jpg


  • It is used for different kinds of modules and applied to the working area subsystem.

  • It uses embedded surface frame, easy to install and disassemble, it is with protective door and dusty free, can do OEM for any customers and print requested LOGO.

  • With application of fiber SC/LC simplex, duplex and other different environment installed plate or flush plate. All modules can be configured on customer’s choice.

  • Cable management can be connected without cutting(with express port)

  •  All modules are free of welding.


Working area:

  • The telecommunication network, metropolitan area network, optical fiber communication system.

  • Optical testing equipment/instrument.

  • CATV optical fiber, optical fiber sensor.

  • Optical fiber broadband access network, FTTH optical fiber.

  • Optical fiber distribution frame, frame type and wall type optical fiber distribution unit.



  • Small size, light weight, pleasant appearance

  • Cable entry and exit in front not at back, easy to operate and managment

  • Set strengthen device and fiber optic cable mounting seat

  • May adapt SC/ LC duplex connectors

  • Optical fiber can be managed effectively

  • 2pcs FTTH drop cable outports

  • Maximum fusion 2 fibers

  • Indoor wall mount

Performance index:


Max. Capacity2 core (single fiber)
Cable Ports2pcs SC+ 2 drop cable ports
Cable Diameter(mm)2*Φ3mm drop cable or indoor cable
Adapter2pcs SC Simplex or 2pcs LC Duplex adapters
Insertion Lossless than 0.2dB (1310nm & 1550nm)

Standard Accessories:

Protection Sleeves: 2pcs

Wall Mount Screws: 2sets


Production line for SP-1602-2E Soclet Panels:

1602-2E with web.jpg

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