Fiber Optic Desktop Insertion Loss& Return Loss Test Machine

Product Details

1. Outlines

Desktop Insertion Return Loss Tester with color screen has stable and reliable performance, which integrates stable light source, high-precision power meter, insertion loss meter and return loss meter into one multifunction instrument. Based on domestic customers’ requirements, R&D team combined advantages of same type instrument within China/overseas and then developed the high-precision tester by several years’s unremitting effort. With high cost effective and state of art characteristics, it can be widely used for OEM device verification, research institutions R&D and construction maintenance in optical fiber/passive devices/optical communication system industries where demand plug loss, return loss and stability measurements



l Advanced OS

Multiple display, easy handling, fast response and stability

l High precision

Stable output power/high detection speed/wide measurement range

l Wavelength synchronous switching

l Light source and power meter achieve wavelength synchronous switching under insertion/return loss mode

l Multiple working modes

Return loss mode/insertion loss mode/power meter/dual-wavelength testing

l Color recognition for test result

Different colors correspond different test results. Pass/Fail is available by just a glance. P

l Easy handling

Return loss/insertion loss are synchronously measured. No buttons switching

l Rich display interfaces

High definition LCD plus multi-level test interfaces bring rich visual experience and easing visual fatigue

l Perfect outward design

Electro-magnetic proofing by metal covering. Durable buttons bring comfortable finger handling experience

l Smart removable interfaces of light source and power meter

Easy to be disassembled to clean optical detector or replace with others adapters(FC/SC/ST/2.5mm general/1.25mm general/MT-RJ) or clean inside APC adapter. Note only need to rotate light source/power meter interface to disassemble it

l Clock display

Time is available to reasonably organize work

l Communication interfaces

The tester can connect to computer and transmit test data to it. Specialized program give Pass/Fail result of jumper. Test data is available for analysis, readout and record.


2. Technical parameters


Insertion and return loss tester

Light source wavelength

MM850nm SM1310/1550nm

Optical return loss test



Measurement range


Calibration wavelength


Measurement tolerance


Output stability

0.02dB /hour@250C)

Interface types

MM:850nm FC/UPC SM: 1310/1550nm FC/APC

Optical insertion loss test

Calibration wavelength


Measurement range


Measurement tolerance


Display resolution

Logarithmic: 0.01dB; linear: 0.001nW/μW/mW

Test mode

Linear and non-linear

Interface types

Removable: FC/SC/ST/generalΦ2.5mm/ generalΦ1.25mm adapters



Color LCD



Communication interface


Power supply

AC 90-260V

Work environment

temperature-50C~+550C  ;humidity<95%RH No condensation

Storage environment

temperature-200C~+700C  ;humidity<85%RH No condensation







3. Instruction of buttons on the panel

(1) λ: switch of light source wavelength

(2) Ref: calibrate return loss reference value-----long time press

(3) BL:clear button for return loss      

(4)  dBm/dB: clear button for insertion loss

(5) Set: Set up or conversion

(6)  +: increase

(7) –: decrease

(8) Enter : confirm

(9) 850nm850nm multimode light source outputFC/UPC

(10)1310/1550nm1310/1550nm single mode light source outputFC/APC

    (11)Power meter interface

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