Air-operated Press Bonding Machine Brochures

Air-operated Press Bonding Machine Brochures
Product Details

             Air-operated Press Bonding Machine brochures



  Maximum working pressure: 1.0mpa
  Air pressure adjustment range: 00.8mpa
  Use air pressure: 10kgf/cm2
  Crimping die stroke:100mm
  Input power: DC 12V 1000Ma
  Body size: 270mm*250mm*180m




Product describution:

1.With 0.2-1MPA compressed air as the power source, low noise, no pollution, easy to operate. External AC220V AC power supply. The total power consumption does not exceed 20W.

2.Mechanical start mode with foot switch design.

3.Cylinder downstream speed adjustable, adjustable cylinder stroke, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

4.Just adjust the pressure regulator valve. You can achieve the required pressure, simple and convenient

5.Three column type in front of open design, lightweight does not account for space, the structure is simple and stable, very little maintenance, high production efficiency;

6.Product parameters:

Power type: Pneumatic Nominal pressure: 300 (kg) Table size: 450mm * 450mm

Cylinder size: 100mm * 200mm    Adjustable stroke: 100mm


Test machine

     Fixed the press on the table, and then install the need to use the mold.

      Connected to the gas source, the use of foot switch, adjustable mold stitching position. (When adjusting, you can use the manual adjustment button on the press solenoid valve).

Plug AC power AC220V, the power plug automatically change the DC12V DC, enter the control box, the pressure regulator "pressure adjustment" adjusted to the trial pressure (5kg below). At this point, the press on the mold will rise to the top dead point (this design is mainly for the safety of staff) the foot switch on the mold will drop, and so the cylinder completely down, you can know the fine of the trip, and then adjust the trip, round and round several times, you can adjust the upper and lower mold of the anastomosis position.


2.The next step is to put the workpiece on the mold.



The stroke adjustment

Adjust the top of the cylinder screw, you can adjust the trip.



The pressure regulation

The pressure on the top of the valve gently pull up, according to the clockwise pressure can be adjusted, clockwise on the contrary, adjust to the pressure that satisfaction, and its lock, so as not to pressure changes. Simple and convenient.


Automatic drainage

Close the push on the switch on the switch, the two pieces of cups of water will be automatically discharged.



1.During operation, please carefully crush your fingers.

2.Please note that in the front air, should be added to the air moisture filter or air oven, or seriously affect the life of the solenoid valve and cylinder.

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