ST Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators

Product Details

ST Mechanical Variable Attenuator, MVOA Attenuator 0-30dB ST/PC VOA Attenuator 

ST Mechanical variable optical attenuator is generally used in optical measurement. In the when  
measure optical receiver sensitivity, usually place in the optical receiver input to adjust receiving  
light power. It is in the middle of fiber connector, suitable for all kinds of fibre optic connector with  
all high performance of connectors.
When use optical attenuator, please keep the environment clean and dry, put on the dust cap  
when not in use, handle with care, strictly forbid collision.
Main usage:
(1) to control the power level: the output power of the vibration control in microwave super heterodyne  
receiver, to get the best noise coefficient and frequency conversion loss, then get the best reception.  
In the microwave receiver, automatic gain control, improve dynamic range.
(2) decoupling components: as to the coupling element between the oscillator and the load.
(3) the relative standard: as a comparison of the relative standard of power level.
(4) jump attenuator in radar anti jamming: it is a variable attenuator whose attenuation value  
can mutate,usually without introducing attenuation, encountered outside interference, a sudden increase in attenuation.
Main features

  1. Made of attenuation optical fiber, excellent performance

  2. Simple structure, compact size, easy to install

  3. Stable performance, high reliability

  4. Suitable for 1260 ~ 1650nm wide wavelength

  5. Low PDL

  6. Attenuation 1dB to 30dB

  7. Compact size, light weight

  8. Low reflection loss

  9. High power tolerance,long-term stability

  10. Independent of the wavelength effect

  11. Precisely control attenuation range

  12. Simple operation

  13. Meet the GR910


  1. EDFA power amplifier

  2. The power balance in the system

  3. CATV

  4. Optical add-drop multiplexer in the optical power regulator









Return loss(dB)





Operating wavelength(nm)

1310, 1550, 1240, 1600

Attenuation accuracy





Operating temperature()


-40 ~ +75

Storage temperature()


-40 ~ +85

Polarization Dependent Loss(dB)



Relative humidity (%)




10 ~55,2Hrs



1.5m,5 drops


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